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My Story


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My '65 Mustang didn't draw much attention in those days ('72-'75) but I loved it and didn't plan to ever sell it.  But when I discovered that I could sell it for three times what I paid for it, I gave in to the temptation, sold it and bought a sleek little European sports car, an Opel G.T.  My Opel gave me a lot of trouble, and though I loved its styling, I came to wish that I had never sold the Mustang.  I don't have any pictures of my Opel, but the second picture down on the left is a nice example in red.

In 1985 I finally scraped up enough money to buy my '78 T-top.   I've managed to store it a few winters, but most of the time it's been my second car and a daily driver.  I have just done my best to keep it in decent shape for the last fourteen years.  The third picture to the left is how the Mustang looked when I bought it in '85.  Notice the pin striping, I elected to skip the pin striping when we had it repainted a few years ago.

I once owned two Mustangs.  They are pictured together on the third picture.  The blue one was a '77.  My wife and I love to take the "T Roofs" off the Mustang in the summer and cruise.  One of our favorite things to do is to literally cruise by taking the Glenora Ferry across the beautiful Bay Of Quinte, sit on the roof and take in the view.

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